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If you like vintage bars with retro tiki and historic items around your table, or if you like drinking from old school cups – the Mercury Bar is your best idea. Here at the Mercury Bar, we can offer you everything that you can possibly dream of, after all it is amongst the most famous bars in the world that are genuine vintage bars. The Mercury Bar happy hour is just the tip of the iceberg. Looking for bars Murray Hill offers can be hard, but the Mercury NYC one is the best solution for you if you like having fun, hanging out at vintage bars and drinking the best drinks in town! We are also huge fans of online roulette games, so if the idea of playing them occasionally with your favorite drink sounds attractive enough, you have already reserved your spot at the Mercury Bar.

History of the Bar

Our Mercury Club NYC located has a rich history of providing excellent services to our customers, with incredible drinks, games, and great vintage bars ambiance, perfect for anyone who likes having fun and hanging out with friends at a chill place. We spent months developing the Mercury Bar menu in a way that it can accommodate as many people as possible. The battle was hard, but we climbed our way amongst the most famous bars in NYC, and amongst the top of the best vintage bars in the world.


Weekly Events Schedule

With the purpose of offering the best services amongst other vintage bars, our team of professionals ensured that we have weekly events schedule that can accommodate anyone’s needs. We tried putting a little bit of everything, so now, after months and possibly years of perfecting it, we’ve come up with a special vintage bars schedule that can be great for all different occasions.

On Tuesdays, we have Taco Night, offering you and your friends tacos at incredible prices which go perfectly with our draft beers and other cool drinks. This promo menu is great for dates and watching a sports game with your friends. Or, if you prefer solo entertainment, you can enjoy your favorite meal while playing free real money slots games. Here is our favorite site for free slots games that we want to recommend to you. Our chefs make some of the best tacos in the world too!

On Wednesdays, our specialty is ribs in a very unique dip. This menu is great for people of all ages, but especially for true beer lovers, as the ribs go great with pints of beer.

We know how important nights out are, especially when the end of the work-week is near, so we ensued that our kitchen works until 2AM from Wednesday until Saturday. Also, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays we have a Late Night DJ party, which although uncommon for vintage bars, works perfectly for our customers. We offer great prizes for many beers, shots specials and other cool benefits for our customers.

Besides the regular daily events, we have happy hours every day from 8 PM to 10 PM where you can drink cheap Mimosas, Screwdrivers or Bloody Maries.

We can also accommodate parties and special events like Bachelorette parties, corporate events and even birthdays, offering great promotions for you and your friends. So, if you want to organize a party you won’t be able to forget, book it at our place!


’40s Karaoke Night

Another event that deserves our special attention that you can find in most vintage bars, but ours is special of course, is the 40’s Karaoke night. This is an event that paved our way amongst the most famous bars because we put so much energy and effort in it. In order to make the whole experience even more like the old vintage bars, we added retro slots games machines too, and they work like charm for people who like legal casino games and winning money easily. For the younger generations, if you haven’t met up a real slot machine until now, this is the right time. In the meantime, you can always prepare yourself by playing online slots games. Hook up here with the best virtual casino.

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