History of The Mercury Bar

The Chick Tournament

Every first weekend in September, Roger Rocher stadium is in turmoil. 640 players spread over 64 teams take turns to step on the synthetic field and the honor field. For two days, 456 matches will be played to determine the winner of the Roger Rocher souvenir challenge. This tournament is reserved exclusively for players U10 and U11 of the current season. Each team plays on Saturday 7 matches of 12 minutes in 8 different hens. The first 2 of each pool have the honor the next morning to compete for 1st place in the tournament. So in Pool I and J on Sunday, you have to finish first in your pool to participate in the final of the U. 10/U. 11 tournament.

Planning the Tournament


  • 10 am the start of the matches each team plays in 7 12-minute brewing matches.
  • 11: 50: end of the morning matches.
  • 1: 30 p.m.: brewing matches resume.
  • 18h20: end of the brewing matches.
  • 19h15: the establishment of the new classification hens.


  • 08: 20: start of the ranking matches. Each team plays in seven 12-minute League matches.
  • 30 pm: End of the matches in the morning.
  • 45 pm: Resume of matches
  • 5: 10 pm: 4 matches for 9th to 16th
  • 17: 24: 3 matches for the 3rd to the 8th
  • 17h40 : (2 half-time of 8 minutes)
  • 6: 00 PM: awards ceremony.

Point of Order

After experimenting, The Strokes are done exclusively at the foot, and of course, it is forbidden to score directly. The U15 and U17 referees are responsible for the full application of the rules of 7-Foot but no offside. Any disputes not covered by the rules shall be settled on the spot by the members of the Organising Committee of the tournament.


  • Rock: at the first
  • Gaby MARTIN: to the finalist
  • Robert RODRIGUEZ: best attack
  • Sylvie ANTONELLI: sportiness

The U13 to U11 Tournament

For more than five years, the Olympique has organized its U 13 tournament with 11 players during the 2nd weekend of the Easter holidays. On Saturday, twelve local clubs play in the departmental tour to compete for the second places that allow participating the next day in the regional Tour.

On Sunday, another 12 teams compete to lift the trophy. The competition is expected to be tough with the presence of clubs playing on a regional level such as St-Priest, Le Puy, Valencia, and others….. This tournament aims to prepare for the next season in which these players will play on the ” big field “. Teams can graft up to 4 U. 14 players to guide younger players. The clubs play six matches a day, split between the synthetic and the pitch of the Stade Rocher. The duration of the meetings is set at 18 minutes. As every year, we trust the club’s U. 15-U. Seventeen players to provide arbitration. The “budding ” referees are supervised and over-supervised by the club’s referees.

We hope that the tournament will take place in the spirit of good friendliness so that players, managers, parents, and referees will enjoy the whole weekend. A sporting challenge, plus the traditional challenge of the best attack, will be put into play.

Since 1979

Long live the U10/ U11 chicks tournament ” the tournament has evolved from year to year thanks to the various improvements we have made each season. Once again we wish to keep the principle of functioning of this tournament which with the help of parents for accommodation and volunteers has gained a certain national notoriety. Evidenced again this year with the participation of the Olympique Lyonnais, Nantes, Nîmes Olympique, of Burel, Marseille, De Séverac Le Château… to perpetuate the spirit of the Olympic Games and above all to remind us of the origin of the tournament at the beginning of the season (we owe it to Gaby Martin who left us very early), we hope that our tournament, while keeping its spirit, its Conviviality, its organization, and its ranking, will continue to be called ” Tournament Poussin “.

Dede Caillet

“I think the Olympique de St-Etienne tournament is one of the very good tournaments in the Rhône-Alpes region. Its success in the duration for 30 years, also depends on its organization with all the requirements that it includes. It has the advantage, for the clubs, of preparing and launching the season. Young players take great pleasure in playing against teams like ASSE, OL, Nîmes or Marseille, educators and parents look forward to this meeting. I hope that the Olympic tournament will continue for as long as possible, to give pleasure to all the players and the “volunteers” who take care of it.